1st January

Happy New Year


The year didn’t get off to a great start – I was ok when I first woke up but soon fell into a terrible fug. It didn’t help that there were three piles of poo to clean up from our increasing incontinent cat. I think though it’s been the building annoyance with people who we’ve bent over backwards to do things for only to have our hospitality and help abused or thrown back in our faces.

I got annoyed when I was cooking breakfast for me and Sarah and the students, who had finally dragged themselves out of bed after getting in at 3 am, suddenly appeared in the kitchen and started fussing about and discussing cooking sausages etc. Despite being asked to wait they plonked themselves down at the kitchen table and continued to bicker. The fact that this left me nowhere to sit to eat my breakfast didn’t dawn on them till I’d left the kitchen. They did then offer to move but to be honest I didn’t fancy sitting there with the two of them squabbling while I was eating despite how much I wanted to have breakfast with my wife!

I said to Sarah the other day I feel like everyone else is having a holiday except us and this morning I suggested that maybe her new year’s resolution should be to cut down on the waifs and strays rescue service. I think my new year’s resolution is to put me first more often!

So I took myself off to the shed for a bit. It was under the pretence of moving the LPs I’d bought out of the way so we could have dinner on the dining room table. However I decided to spend a bit of time out there chilling so I listened to the New Riders record which is in remarkably good condition considering it’s age and the fact I got it from a charity shop. Typically enough though the one scratch on the album is on Last Lonely Eagle, probably one of the best known songs!

I also got Garage Band working on the Mac. I’d set it up the other day but couldn’t work out why the recording was sounding low level and distant and why I could only hear the guitar post record. I eventually tracked it down to the fact that the audio input was set to midi rather than audio so I changed it and although the levels were now ok I still couldn’t hear the guitar unless I recorded it. Fustrated I gave up!

I then googled it and found a question from some one who had the same issue and laughed when I saw a comment he posted after his original question which read…

“Forget it – I rebooted, it works now!”

So much for Macs being logical and straightforward!

So I had high hopes that when I switched the Mac back on it would work. So it was quite disappointing to find it didn’t. I was very confused that I was getting messages saying that the computer was detecting feedback when there was nothing coming out of the speakers. So I decided to try and record something and see what happened. So I did and when I played it back I couldn’t hear anything. It was at this point I realised that the amp was switched to Tuner rather than Aux. A click later and everything was working.

I also played my mandolin for the first time in a few days and was quite pleased when I played 2 songs straight through with hardly any mistakes!

I decided I should go in and see what was happening so I did and found Sarah having a lie down, so I made some tea and sat down to read my book. After a while I too felt tired so I put it down and nodded off. When I woke up I waa just about to go and start dinner when the lodger came back from work and without a word took over the kitchen. So I had to wait till she’d finished and it was almost 9:30 by the time we sat down to eat!

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