2nd January

I was glad I booked off today and tomorrow as I’d never have got out of bed to go to work this morning! Otherwise it was mostly a quiet day with a trip to the shops including an impromptu look at beds! We desperately need a new one or at least a new mattress but some of the prices were a bit scary – I had a try of a really comfy one but when I looked the price tag I got a shock £849!

Outside there was an old friend


When my eldest daughter was born I’d ordered a slumberland hippo from an offer with petrol coupons and as I was leaving home to pick her and her mum up to bring her home for the first time I opened the door and the postman was standing there with the hippo so I unwrapped it and put it in her cot.

He was named Hector and she loved him. She would often tell Hector things that she wouldn’t tell me directly even if it was me doing the voice! He went everywhere she did except maybe Glastonbury, for fear of him being stolen! He would have gone with her to university too but she was worried she might get the mickey taken!

It made me feel even more nervous than I already was as she was coming over to see me for the first time in absolutely ages tonight. It must have been a while because Ben whispered to me “who is it?”!

It was nice to catch up with her and hear about her job. Her boyfriend came to pick her up after he finished work so we got to meet him too. She’s off to Egypt on holiday with him soon and by the sound of things she could do with the break!

She told us how her mother had managed to ruin Christmas by getting horribly drunk on Christmas Eve and falling outside the house banging her head as she did. Her sister had just got back from Southampton after a terrible journey due to the bad weather and the pair of them ended up calling an ambulance and spending all night in casualty before having to walk home in the early hours of Christmas day.

I do feel for her because she has been left in the position I escaped from went I split up with her mother, it’s almost like she’s her mother’s carer and as her life is currently entwined with her mum’s due to them sharing a house it’s going to be difficult for her to make the break. I hope she does follow the plans she was telling us about because she really needs to make that break and stop her mother dragging her down.

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