3rd January

Went down to visit Sarah’s friend in Eastbourne* Very wet and windy on the way there and back but not as bad as it could have been.  They had a dog, a Jack Russell called Barney, who was very excitable and was constantly jumping up at me and licking my ears!

They also had a bearded dragon called Dave who I got out and she sat on my hand while I stroked her.


Her husband apparently had an accident a few years ago which has left him with short term memory issues which meant I got asked several times if I would like another cup of coffee!

* I always think of this place as Eastybon after a conversation I had with a telephone sales person years ago. I asked him what the weather was like in Mumbai and he was insistent that he wasn’t in India (despite the accent and transcontinental phone line sound) and that he was in the UK – so I asked him where and his answer was Eastybon!

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