7th January

Still full of cold so felt crap as I crawled out of bed again – thought I’d got away with it as Jubbly didn’t seem to have crapped on the floor this morning but when Sarah came down she found he’d done it round the corner from where I could see and it was splattered up the utility room door – nice!

So as the Christmas holiday is over I’m back on my fasting regime! You know I’m actually quite glad to be back eating healthy again! I didn’t feel too hungry today but someone had cruelly left the box of Celebrations on the kitchen table which were trying to tempt me everytime I walked past this evening. I resisted despite being annoyed at how much crap there was to clear up! Sarah had sent me a text warning of a pile of Jubbly poo just inside the front door which I cleared up as soon as I got in but when I went to throw it down the loo I found I couldn’t get into the downstairs loo because there was another pile of poo there! I left that one till later!

Then after dinner there was the dishwasher to do, and the rubbish to put out. A lot of the bins had loads of christmas crap still filling them up – empty boxes, sweet papers and the like! Then I had to go and get all of the stuff the lodger left behind and the bag of rubbish from the garden. I felt like it was never going to end and was getting more annoyed with having to do it all. I did feel guilty for getting annoyed as Sarah had to sort out the mess that was left by the lodger – and some of that was disgusting!!

At the end of the day I did actually feel thinner! I know it sounds implausible and may just have been because I’d felt bloated in the morning but I did feel as if I’d started to lose whatever I’d put on over Christmas already – which is good! I actually like doing this – I know sometimes it can feel like a chore but I do think overall I feel healthier!

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