9th January

Woo hoo! – new mattress! We managed to pick up a brand new mattress from Freecycle to replace the one on our bed that’s completely worn out. Apparently the lady who gave it to us bought it and halfway through the second night got out of bed, pulled the new mattress off the bed and put the old one back on again! She found it too soft apparently and found she got trapped in it and couldn’t turn over! So she decided to give it away – she even still had the plastic it was delivered in which we put in the back of the car to stop it getting dirty.

I couldn’t wait to get it on the bed as the old one has been driving me mad for ages as the springs have started to go and one of them has been sticking into me for some time. I actually found it quite firm although being a memory foam mattress it is quite different from the mattress that we had on the bed before. I did find it odd that when I got onto it I stayed quite high up rather than sinking down as the mattress collapsed under me! Looking forward to going to bed!

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