10th January

DPD sent Sarah a text today offering 3 options for delivery.

1. Deliver between 11 and 12 (i.e. when we weren’t in!)
2. Rearrange Delivery for another day
3. Deliver to neighbour

She went with the leave with neighbours option. Got home tonight to find card saying they’d left it at number 64 – we live at 142. I’m not even convinced anyone even lives at 64 – our street is a bit strange and that bit butts onto the high street. No 64 is a former shop and currently looks uninhabited.


Nevertheless I went up to see if I could pick up the parcel. It turns out to be two flats. I knock on the former shop bit but no answer. I then go down the alley at the side and knock on the door for the upstairs flat. It looks deserted but shortly after I knock a light comes on so I wait for the door to be opened. No one comes so I ring again. I think I hear a window slam and look up but no one is there – the light is still on but still no one comes so I give up.

On the way back I try our neighbour in case they meant 144. I knock on there door and I hear the man scrabbling with the locks. After a while he gives up and comes to the window. I try to explain through the window but either he can’t hear me or he doesn’t understand English! I think he might come to the door as he sees me go into our house but no chance. Jesus what a way to live!

Ben has decided that tonight we are having a movie night – just me and him – and we are watching The Hobbit which I got on DVD for Christmas. However with all the to-ing and fro-ing due to the parcel and other delays it’s quite late by the time we settle down in bed with a bag or harribos that he bought me for my birthday to watch it. We’re both asleep before Bilbo even makes it out of the shire!

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