11th January

Due to falling asleep watching the DVD with Ben I can’t sleep when I do go to bed and it’s almost 3am by the time I get to sleep so I’m tired when I wake up this morning. Not a great start to the day but after I get ready I set off to go and buy some milk and see if I can find the bloody parcel.

When I get to 64 the door is open and two blokes are fixing the hinges. I ask about the parcel but the English one says that he’s just fixing the door and the person that lives there has gone out. I can, however. see enough of the flat to see there isn’t a parcel anywhere obvious. I then try the upstairs flat and again ring the doorbell. After a while I hear the window above open and a face appears. She is wearing some sort of headscalf and has her faced pushed through the tiny gap of the window. It’s quite obvious that English is once again going to be an issue. I wave the DPD delivery note and ask about the parcel – she stares blankly and shakes her head. I think it’s obvious that the parcel was never delivered to number 64! If she won’t open the door to me then she’s not going to have opened it to the courier!

So I go and do the shopping. I get 2 new keys cut for the new lock on the front door. Given that the lock only cost £5 and came with two keys it a bit rough to pay £8 for another 2 keys but I guess that’s the way things go nowadays! I have a mooch in the charity shops and go to Aldi for the milk and cat food before going back to the house.

When I get back Sarah tells me that DPD have responded to the e-mail and are now saying it was delivered to number 175. So off I go to 175 and you can probably guess that it wasn’t there. I go back and Sarah sends off snotty e-mail to DPD and another e-mail to the company that sent the parcel to us. She then has an idea and I use 192.com to search for someone in our street with the name given – I expect to either draw a blank or have to try different spellings but to my surprise it turns out that there is someone of that name at 164 (should have guessed really). So I pop down there and voilà there’s the parcel! We haven’t told DPD we’ve found it yet!

Tubular bells 1

In the evening I was downstairs on my own and found there was a program on BBC 4 of Mike Oldfield performing Tubular Bells in 1974 with a startlingly good line up – Steve Hillage on guitar, Fred Frith on Bass, Pierre Moerlen on percussion  and Mick Taylor on guitar among others. Disappointed that Viv Stanshall only appeared as a recording but it was a really good performance!

Good to see Mr Hillage in his trade mark bobble cap – but we’ll draw a veil over the times when I used to wear one inspired by the former Gong guitarist! Mine wasn’t as cool as his anyway!

Tubular bells 2

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