12th January

I’m hoping that my grumpiness yesterday was caused by lack of sleep but it’s still there when i wake up this morning – not helped by the fact that Jubbly has had a very incontinent night and there seems to be poo everywhere! So by the time I’ve done the dishwasher and cleaned up the poo I’m as grumpy as ever. At least I get out and go to the dump with our old mattress and a laser printer I was given on Freecycle but didn’t work (or rather it did but needed the fuser (or something like that – either way he didn’t mention it) replacing. On my way out I grab a CD of Yes and some good old Prog blasting out of the speakers cheers me up a bit.

Called in at Aldi on the way back to buy some bacon and sausages and I then set about cooking some brunch for us. Before we can start though we suddenly realise that all 7 cats are in the house – we’ve been telling people we have 61/2 cats but over the past 24 hours Arnold the stray has been coming in of his own accord so I think we have finally won him round. We somehow manage to get all of them in the same place for a team photo in the kitchen before evicting most of them again!


An hour or two in the shed helps too. Sarah is trying to get her university report finished so I go out and try and amuse myself! I play my mandolin for a bit but my fingernails need cutting and I keep catching the strings so I have a bit of a thrash on the guitar before deciding to listen to an LP and get my blog up to date whilst eating malteasers. I come in about 5 to make tea and put the dinner in the oven. I spend the time it’s cooking trying to read a book – As I said before Christmas I’ve long been meaning to read one of Iain M Banks’ Science fiction books so I got one out of the library and so far I’m finding it tough going – not like the books he writes under the Iain Banks name. Still haven’t given up yet!

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