14th January

I decided that I needed to clear off a load of stuff off my mobile phone. The amount of free space had dropped below 1Gb and I was sure that the sluggishness I’d been experiencing was due to this. So I decided to move all of the photos and videos onto my external hard drive. The only problem was that my windows 7 PC doesn’t seem to like my external drive and has been known to corrupt things that I save on it. No worries I thought I’ll do it on my Mac…..

I’m sure the Mac used to see the phone without any additional software but curiously it now needs a program called Android File Transfer which doesn’t really seem to work. Firstly it would appear not to see the phone if the screen is locked but also it kept crashing – so I had to give up. Next stop was to use an old XP machine in the corner of the office but for some reason that would see the phone but wouldn’t let you open any of the directories! So I ended up having to transfer everything from the phone onto the server via the Windows 7 PC and then copy them onto my HDD from the Mac.

Still I freed up about 6GB so it was worthwhile – now if I could just wipe off some of Ben’s games I’d be laughing!

Sarah finished her report and submitted it with 2 hours to go – yeh!

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