17th January

Ofsted Day

Reports from the school yesterday indicated that things weren’t going too well which increased the pressure I was feeling for my interview at 9am. I got there just in time and despite the first question throwing me completely and my mind going blank over the questions regarding the School Improvement plan at the end it seemed to go ok.

Once it was over and a couple of coffees had been consumed I decided to go and have a wander round the school and see it in action. I did messy play in foundation stage, shared with counters, did writing my name on a white board and then had a story on the mat called Who are you stripey horse? – I should do this more often!

Then I had school dinners – there was fish fingers and chips and beetroot cake. I got my plates and utensils and stood and looked round. Then I said in a loud voice where shall I sit. All of the kids on the table infront of me turned round at once and said here! Admittedly I had to get a cloth and wipe the bean juice off the table and then limbo down onto the seat but I squeezed in between two girls and had my dinner while chatting to the children. It was cool!

After lunch I sought out Sarah in nursery and played with the kids doing various activities like playing with coloured rice and painting with these roller bottles of paint I then had another coffee before helping Sarah with snack! Afterwards I went back to the main school to wait to be called into the meeting with Ofsted to deliver the verdict.

It was what we expected really – not as bad as it could have been. Ironic that the school if anything has improved since the last inspection but of course the goalposts have moved. Lots of work ahead but isn’t there always.

Got home about 5pm completely exhausted!

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