18th January

Lazy day today to recover from a stressful week.

Sarah suggested that I should get my hair cut but I said I didn’t think I could afford it. However upon checking my account I discovered I had more money in there than I thought so I went off to get my haircut. First though I went to get some cash and decided to get it out of the other account but checked the balance on that account first. To my surprise there was almost double what I was expecting in there so it turns out I’ve been scrimping and saving all month and done a much better job of it than I thought!

Other than the aircut we did eventually go out about 5pm and headed off to the local shopping centre to buy something for Sarah’s birthday on Saturday. Se is impossible to buy for so I made her choose something – a coat which I bought……well actually she had to go and buy it as she got 15% discount off it with her student card! (I did give her the money though!!!!)

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