19th January

Had to go shopping to buy stuff for Sarah’s birthday on Saturday – went to Chatham and it drove me nuts. The shops are so bland and there was noting in any of them to fire my imagination. After I’d been right round the town I decided to give up and go and buy the pyjamas that Sarah had pointed out to me in Primark but when I got there they’d sold out. Just to rub it in though the picture on the top of the stand showed the exact pair I wanted!

Sarah is a nightmare to but for……

She doesn’t smoke,
She doesn’t drink,
She doesn’t wear much makeup,
She doesn’t use “smellies”
She doesn’t wear perfume
She only wears silver studs in her ears because of work
She hardly ever wears jewellery

I bought her clothes for Christmas

I got cards and a couple of other bits but still haven’t got something for Ben to give her.

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