23rd January


Spent the day creating PowerPoint slides at Coca Cola’s offices in, of all places, Uxbridge which is a fair trek from my house!

It was bad enough that I was supposed to finish at 4 pm but ended up working till 6. Then on the way home I got off the tube at Green Park and went all the way to the Victoria line platform entrance only to find the line was closed and I had to go back to the Jubilee line and go to Victoria via Westminster. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the sign at Green Park said due to flooding but the sign at Victoria said due to signal failure and there were lots of Police about several of them armed – I thought hello what’s going on…..

I then tried to send a text to Sarah


But just as I was typing that last line I spotted that my battery level had dropped to 1% and sure enough as soon as I pressed send the phone died!

So I called her on my work phone and she said she’d heard that the reason the tube was suspended was due to concrete on the line. I was starting to get really suspicious now but as it turned out all three stories were true. Fast setting concrete had flooded into the control room at Victoria causing the signals to fail and that’s why the line wasn’t running.

I got home just before 9 and put my phone on charge while we nipped to Tesco as Sarah needed to buy cakes for her colleagues at school as it’s her birthday on Saturday. She got my text while we were shopping!!!!

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