24th January

Curiously today is the only day this week that hasn’t felt like it’s Friday!

And I’m wearing a tie for the fourth time this week! This is because I’ve got a meeting up in town. First thing I notice is the huge rise in the train fare – up from £8.10 when I went to the Radio 3 thing before Christmas to £8.80 now – a well above inflation increase pushing 10%.

We got there early so we decided to get a coffee. The woman next to me in Cafe Nero talked incessantly about Bruce Springsteen – so much so I almost told her my “I’ve touched Springsteen’s bottom” story just to shut her up!

Sarah’s birthday tomorrow so we went out for a meal in the evening. We went to a Harvester but had to wait for a table. It was quite crowded but some people are so rude! One group of four virtually surrounded us and then deciding they wanted to go to the bar advanced towards us and just stared at us till we got out of their way!

We eventually got to sit down and had a nice meal although I did have to finish Sarah’s pudding for her. Felt guilty using the 20% discount voucher for her birthday meal but times is hard you know (had to borrow the money out of my birthday money as it was due to the amount of money I’ve had to pull out for expenses this week anyway! )

The condom machine in the toilets made me chuckle:


I’m guessing the middle one is in case she says she’s got a headache after you’ve bought the condoms or the manhancer!

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