25th January


Sarah’s 40th Birthday



In the evening we had some students arriving who are staying for 2 weeks while on a work placement locally. We had to go and pick them up from Rochester but just as we were about to leave there was a really freaky weather incident. Just for ten minutes or so the wind got up and we were pelted with hailstones. It turned out that we’d missed the worst of it with a mini tornado hitting parts of the south east. We decided to stay put until it stopped. When we did get going we were part of the way there when I noticed that my wing mirror had been knocked and I wound down the window to reposition it – forgetting that it was held on with pvc tape. As soon as I started to move it it fell off and I had to hold it, connected only by the wires that control the motor and the heating element, while I drove through the tunnel and found somewhere to stop. My hand was absolutely freezing by the time we’d pulled up by McDonalds which made it even harder to fix. Needless to say we were very late by the time we got to the pick up point!!

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