26th January

Got up early-ish! The reason was to do the breakfast for the students but in the end they didn’t come down until 10:30! So it was a quiet sort of morning. The main thing we had to do today was to take the students and show them how to get to their placements but it was taking them so long to get ready – we could hear hairdryers going – that we decided to go to Aldi instead. When we got back we had lunch and then drove the students around to show them where they had to go. Afterwards they’d said they wanted to go to Chatham to meet up with some friends in the Pentagon Centre so we dropped them there.

I’d wanted to go to Chatham too so we parked up and I went into Primark to buy a new pair of trousers for work. I didn’t realise how complicated this was going to be. I picked up a pair of the size that I bought last time which was a size below what I’d been wearing when I started my fasting. However I thought that they were feeling baggy so just out of interest I took a pair of the size below to try on as well. To my surprise I did actually get into them and although they did feel a little tight it wasn’t so tight as to make me think “no they’re too small” – I thought once they’d been washed they’d probably slacken off a bit but I wasn’t sure so I phone Sarah to come and see, It wasn’t helped by the fact that the other pair looked really baggy on me.

Sarah thought they looked a bit tight but handed me another pair of trousers in a sort of purpley/lilacy colour which had been reduced to £5 in the sale. So I tried them on while she went to look for the larger size in a slim fitting. I was in and out of the changing room trying different sizes and variations on for about the next half hour! Eventually just when I’d given up I managed to find another display that had black trousers on, similar to the reduced pair that Sarah had given me so I went back to the changing rooms for the fourth time. This time I’d taken the smaller size in regular and the larger size in slim fitting. I tried them both on and they both fitted about the same but the smaller size regular looked better so I bought them. So that’s two sizes smaller than what I was wearing 15 months ago – result!!

So I bought the black trousers plus the ones that Sarah had found and a grey waistcoat that I’ve been wanting since before Christmas. I then dashed down to Debenhams as I had been given a gift card by Sarah’s brother at Christmas and I had seen a hat (well two hats) last week when I didn’t have it with me. Luckily for me this shop shuts half an hour later so I dashed in to find them. I then stood there for about 10 minutes trying both hats on and trying to decide. I’d planned to buy the grey one because I already had a black hat but standing in the shop I preferred the black one. So back and forth I went black, grey, black, grey, black, grey…….black definitely the black one! I took it to the counter before I changed my mind again. It had been £28 but was reduced to £11.20 so I only had to pay £1.20!

I made what we call Shepherd’s Pie for dinner – it’s probably more accurately Cottage pie as we make it using beef rather than lamb – I only mention this because it came up on Coronation Street this week!! We had that followed by the Mississippi Mud Pie that Lissi had made as a birthday cake for Sarah. She wanted it with custard on but I thought that was just wrong so I had mine warmed slightly in the microwave and covered in squirty cream – very nice.

Can’t belive where the weekend went – but I say that every week!

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