28th January

Got the hump with someone at work today! The job I’m on tomorrow up in Coventry was originally be there for lunchtime, then a few days ago that changed to eleven which I wasn’t happy about. Then today it suddenly became ten – I just said no! It’s always the ones without kids who assume everyone can just change everything to suit their whim. I know that if I got there at ten I’d simply sit around for two hours and besides it is a long day with the drive up from Kent – if they wanted me there that early I could have gone up tonight and stayed over.

Torrential rain this afternoon which made my journey home a nightmare – took nearly two and a half hours! I also had to stop at Tesco to get petrol for the journey tomorrow. I’d checked my balance and knew I had £59 in my account so I was keeping my eye on the dial but it actually stopped at £57 so that means I will finish the month, a long month as it’s been 6 weeks since we last get paid, with £2 in my account. The other account has got a fiver left in it and after I’d returned a picture frame to Tesco I had £4.59 in my pocket – enough to pay the tolls on the Dartford bridge. As ever my company owes me £200.

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