29th January


On site in Coventry for a Coca Cola sales conference – filming and editing.




Stayed in the hotel attached to the venue, possibly one of the worst designed hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in! It sounded good when I checked in and was told I was in an executive room but if that was an executive room I’d hate to have seen a standard one!

I go to plug in my mobile phone and laptop but discover that the sockets by the bed are 5 amp roundpin which we used to have in our house before we got it rewired in 1975. The only 13 amp sockets are above the desk which means I have to leave my mobile on charge there over night and of course there’s no clock in the room. It also means if I want to use my laptop I have to sit at the desk…….but I can’t as there’s no chair. Eventually I end up lying on the bed watching a movie* on my laptop which is on the coffee table with the power lead stretched across the room!

* I forgot to mention the only TV channels are a couple of sports channels and Sky news!

In addition the smoke detector has a plastic bag over it and the shower either comes out of a shower head situated outside the bath with a hose that barely reaches the tub or a slot at waist height both of which flood the floor and soak the towels!

And the room is cold and when I turn up the heating the aircon unit blasts the room so loud it drowns out the laptop!

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