1st February

Can’t believe it’s February already! Sent my daughter the traditional pinch punch text only to get a reply saying she had literally been about to do the same thing!

We had to get uo early as the two German students were leaving today, one week early. Apparently they were unhappy about lots of things like the beds weren’t comfy enough and the water tasted funny so they’d asked to be moved. Curiously they hadn’t said anything directly to us except when Sarah asked them what was wrong and even then we got a conflicting story.

So they were picked up at 8:30 even though they were still not down for breakfast at twenty past! I don’t take it personally anymore – I’m sure there was some alterior motive for this – we suspect either to do with the weekend trip to London that they seemed to have planned or the girlfriend that presumably gave one of the students the love bite he arrived with. Either way we know some of the other host families are a lot stricter than we are so they could find themselves a lot worse off!

Incidentally one of the things that they complained about was that we weren’t giving them enough food and yet we found loads of their packed lunches in the bin in their room including what looked like one that was completely untouched.

I had my first go at waxing my moustache with the wax that Bex bought me for Christmas. I trimmed my beard and I am still in the process of working out the best way to let my moustache grow for best effect.  I wasn’t too happy with the results but it’s early days!


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