2nd February

We didn’t go to bed till very late last night so we didn’t get up very early this morning. Especially as there were no spoilt brat students to deal with. Sarah was trying to sort out our summer holidays so we were both on laptops looking at holiday letts and camper van hire companies.

Yesterday I played the mandolin for the first time in ages and it reminded me that the D string on the red one was sounding quite muted since I lowered the bridge. So I decided to try and improve it so I detuned the strings and took a scalpel to the slots in the nut to make them a little bigger.  I then put a dab of vaseline on and retuned the strings – I think it sounds a bit better now.

Watched the first quarter of the Superbowl tonight. Denver got off to a really bad start giving away a safety on the first play of the game and didn’t really recover after what was the fastest score in Superbowl history. By the end of the quarter they were 8:0 down and didn’t look like getting back into the game so I went to bed. It turned out I was right as they ended up being humiliated 43:8

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