3rd February

I had to go up to London to do some filming for one of our venues and after I’d finished I decided to walk back to the train station rather than catch the tube. As I was walking through SoHo I discovered that Reckless Records was still in business so I decided to pop in.


I used to spend a lot of time and money in both the Berwick street shop and the one in Islington when I first came to London.  I bought a lot of Roy Harper and Grateful Dead albums from them – many of which still have the Reckless Records price sticker on them. I kind of lost interest when they had more CDs than vinyl – flicking through CDs was never the same! So it was good to see so much vinyl on display.

The prices weren’t the same though. I spotted a copy of Folkjokeopus on the wall for £50 which was ironic as I probably bought my copy from them but for substantially less. I spotted one album on the wall that made me think – I thought the price tag said £12 but on closer inspection I realised it actually said £1200! At that point I decided it was time to leave.

It was good to see that as I left work this evening that there was still a slither of light in the sky. Although it didn’t feel like it the light nights are definitely coming back.

I had to dash off tonight because I was picking up a printer off a freecycler in Beckenham. It was quite old but definitely better than the HP laserjet 5 that I had in the shed. And hopefully this one will work unlike the last one I got a few months ago. We also had to pick up some new students we were given to replace the Germans. These were French girls and they gave us a bottle of wine and some jam as a present – cool!


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