9th February

Stayed at Sarah’s mum’s last night and this morning after breakfast we went off to visit her dad. Then we had to drop Bex at the station as she’d missed her train back last night and had to stay over. After that we headed off home where we had a quiet day.

I haven’t opened my new LP yet – I tried to remember when the last time I bought a brand new vinyl record was – the last one I can definitely say I got on vinyl was Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy and that was in 1989. I may have bought a new LP since but if I did I don’t remember what it was off the top of my head – so it could be almost 25 years since I put a brand new LP onto my record deck – wow!



I found some great pictures from last night on Facebook – taken by Karolina Urbaniak – here’s one of MacGillvrey


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