13th February

I had a client coming in today so I jad to get all dressed up and I finally plucked up the courage to wear my tweed jacket probably because as the meeting was in my office I could take it off if I bottled it. I didn’t though and it should be noted that people commented that I looked smart, too smart in fact.

I even turned down the offer of lunch partly because I didn’t fancy having to sit and talk to the client for another hour or so but mostly because it was one of my fasting days and I was being a good boy!

I started to transfer my recording from Saturday night onto the computer but managed to get my timing wrong and ended up staying about 20 minutes later than usual and found when I came out of the edit suite that all the lights were off. I also got round to opening my copy of I’m the last of all the field that fell tonight and played record one side one in the shed. I was disappointed to find that the sticker on the front was stuck on the wrapper rather than the sleeve which meant if I wanted to open the gatefold sleeve I’d have to lose it. I was impressed by the weight of the vinyl and it sounded fantastic.


I also had a go at trying to play All the pretty little horses on the mandolin and trying to play the guitar along with the recording I made of the sky boat song. I also had a play with the Stylophone Sarah bought me for Christmas a few years ago. It was quite cold though so I ended up going back in.


We had someone staying with us tonight. She had found us through Air B&B, the site we use when we book rooms like the one down near Brighton. Sarah told her she’d have to take us as she found us due to the short notice and the fact that it was the last day of term and she was knackered! She was a nice lady from Brighton who’d come to town for a nutrition course at the uni. Quite posh though!

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