15th February

Weather is weird today – one minute it’s blue skies and the next it’s as black as night and water is pouring from the sky!

First up is a trip down the high street to pick up a package for Sarah from the Post Office.  She bought this little speaker for her mp3 player for a tenner and to be honest for what it is it’s not half bad. While I’m out though I do my usual trawl of the charity shops.  I often wonder what I’m looking for and think to myself that I’ll know when I see it. Today I certainly do, I saw it from across the shop and knew instantly. I dashed over and to my surprise, given it was in probably the most expensive charity shop, it was only £1!!!!


We had to pop out to get some pet food from Pets at home including the very expensive cat food for Jubbs. First though we had to pop to the vets to pick up a worming tablet. Just as we pulled up the rain started and as Sarah was making such a fuss about putting her coat on I volunteered to go and get it!

We then set off to pick up a cat lit tray we’d got off Freecycle but it was further away than we’d anticipated. Still it was a nice run out despite the detour caused by the road being closed. The weather continued to be awful and we went through 3 pseudo fords on the journey where the road was so flooded. At one point we were driving along and in front of us there just appear to be a translucent curtain but what it was was a hail storm that we were about to drive into!

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