17th February

Off to Chalfont to do some shooting for Coca Cola – first day of a full week which will take me to Paris and Luxembourg later on! But first I’ve got to get to the first location and that involves the dreaded M25. The journey should only take an hour and a half but 30 minutes in and the sat nav is still telling me 2hrs 45 which means I’ll be late. Luckily as we grind to a halt it offers me an alternative route which takes me down the M11, round the North Circular and back onto the M25 by going up the A10. I don’t know if it was quicker than sitting in the traffic jam but at least I’m now going to get there on time. Well once I’ve found a way round this…..


Another detour finally delivers me to the store, which I’m pleased to see has a car park, just in time. Even so I feel hassled as I’m setting up and make a few silly errors like at one point forgetting to put the camera into record. I have to say that the camera looked as though it had simply been left in the same state it had been used in last time it went out as I kept finding odd things askew. Also the batteries weren’t very charged and mid way through I had to change one thst should have lasted 6 hours!

still 1 still 2

I was finished just before 12 so I had a mooch around the shops in both Chalfont St Peter and then in Gerrards Cross. I had a rummage in the charity shops which did seem to have a nicer selection of stuff but with prices to match! There were so many books – I’m guessing the switch to Kindle is well underway over this side of London, wonder if eventually they’ll regret ditching printed books in the same way people now regret getting rid of vinyl. Oh well their loss my gain. I found a book I’d been wanting for a while for 99p although I did tell the man he could keep the change!


In order to save a 5 -6 hour round trip back home again I’m staying in a hotel near Stevenage tonight. It’s not bad – a Premier Inn with a pub next door. I spend the afternoon in my room editing the video I shot today into a first draft and then a second version after some changes from the client. In the evening I go over to the pub for something to eat – food is nice, service is good, staff are great (if slightly over attentive) but overall it just lacked atmosphere! Maybe I was feeling a bit over sensitive as I had had another go at waxing my moustache and had gone out with it waxed for the first time so probably felt as though everyone was looking at me!


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