18th February

This morning after a really nice breakfast I loaded the equipment back into the car and headed off up the A1 to Bigglewade.It took me a while to find the venue but when I did I thought this asda be it…!


Today I ended up filming around the store first and then doing the interviews afterwards. Firstly I found this much easier because I had got into the swing of things by the time the filming of people came round and secondly, as it turned out, if I’d filmed the interviews first I’d have probably not felt like doing the other filming. The first person we filmed was the rep who knew exactly what she wanted to say when she was talking to the other members of staff but when it came to saying it to the camera she just couldn’t get the words to come out in the right order. We seemed to be at it for ages but it probably wasn’t as long as it seemed. When we finished I thought that was it but I’d forgotten about the Store Manager but thankfully we sailed through his bit only having to repeat the one question that is phone rang through!

still 3

So afterwards I set off home and was back by about 2:30. Sarah was getting all the stuff ready for her trip up north tomorrow so I took my Mac into the shed and did the edit in there – finishing off at about 6pm! We’d hoped for an early night as we have to get up at 3:15 in the morning but sadly it wasn’t to be!

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