20th February

What a weird day!

Woke up early as I’d left the window ajar and there was a bus constantly idling outside from about 6am. The day was overcast and miserable as I admired the splendid view from my window!


After breakfast we set off to the store where we were going to film. We got there early and it was still closed


Oddly a queue formed, Le Mans style outside and even odder not one person entered the shop until the shutter was fully raised!

It was quite apt that we were filming in a Carrefour as I was having to carry four bags around with me!


So after standing outside for ages we eventually tracked down the local reps and went inside to start filming. However it was obvious from the start that things weren’t good, we kept getting hassled and while we were filming the interviews with the reps we had to stop and one of the reps had to placate somebody from the store.

Paris still 1

Eventually it became apparent that no one from the store was going to agree to be filmed so it was decided to go to another store about 40 minutes drive away. This meant the two reps had to rearrange their cars so one of them could take us. I was stuck in the back with all the bahs and to add insult to injury the battery on my mobile had gone flat so I had nothing to amuse myself with on the journey.

Eventually we arrived and after walking all around the shopping centre we caught up with some more reps who told us they weren’t sure we’d be able to film anyone here either. So we shot some more displays and after much pleading from the client we eventually stopped for lunch at about 2:45! We had a sandwich in a baguette, a piece of cake and a Coke Zero for around €8. Afterwards we headed back to the store and had to hang around for ages till eventually someone finally agreed to be filmed.

Paris still 2

After we shot the interview we got a lift back to the airport and checked in. I was told that I could only check two bags in without being charged so I asked if I could take my bag as hand luggage and they said I could so I took all my toiletries out and put them in the camera bag! Once through security the client and I decided a nice glass of wine was definitely in order.
We sat for ages and then suddenly realised that departure board was showing last call so we dashed to the gate and across the tarmac and onto a small plane. There were two seats on one side of the aisand I had a single seat on the other side. After dashing to the gate we then had to wait for almost an hour for some passengers who were transferring from another flight before we could get airborne.

Once we landed in Luxembourg we tried to get a cab to our hotel but they all refused because it was too close, but too far to walk! We were faced with a half hour wait for the courtesy bus until we came up with a cunning plan. We asked the cab driver to take us to the hotel and then wait while checked in so he could then take us to a restaurant in town. Luckily he was happy to do this.

The restaurant wasn’t as great as we’d been expecting as it had been recommended by the local reps. The food was ok and I think I enjoyed the vegetables more than the steak! Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and went to our rooms. O tried to phone Sarah but the reception wasn’t great and as the room was a bit utilitarian, like a Premier Inn without the frills, I headed to the bar for a nightcap!


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