28th February

Had to be in Uxbridge at 8:30 this morning – 3 possible routes – north round M25, south round M25 or straight through central London – joy!

On Radio 4’s Today programme this morning – headshops, moshi monsters and a member of Iron Maiden #radio4ondrugs?

Nightmare journey round the M25 as ever but did make it on time – just! However after nearly two and a half hours of driving when I actually came to film it lasted only two and a half minutes! The rest of the day was spent re-editing the films from last week – mostly to make them shorter!


Parking space!


Ready to shoot


Coke bottles by Jean Paul Gaultier


Mobile edit suite and office!

After I’d finished I had some lunch and before setting off home I had a quick wizz round the shops in Uxbridge. I ended up buying a book in a charity shop where I was served by the most miserable shop assistant – I think she was annoyed that someone wanted to buy something which was interrupting her texting!! I handed over the book and she looked at it and commented that it didn’t have a price on it!


“£1.50” she said out of nowhere

“The other books are all £1” – I replied

She tapped on the cover and looking me in the chest said “hard cover”

I pointed out that the other hard backs on the shelf were £1 as well but I could see that I wasn’t going to get anywhere so I handed over my money.

On the way back I was stuck in traffic on the M25 when I noticed there was a missed call on my phone from a work colleague so I called him back. He asked if I was heading back to the office but I said I wasn’t. He needed a video downloading from youtube – for a show tonight!!!!

So I ended up pulling into the next services and taking my PC into the restaurant area to pick up the wifi signal – thankfully there were a few free ones to choose from and I was soon connected. The video he wanted was only available as a flv file so after I’d ripped it I then had to use an online conversion site to turn it into an mp3 before sending it to him via wetransfer. The things you have to do for work.

As I was leaving I passed a young couple who stopped me and explained they were doing a charity hitch and could I take them down the M20 towards Dover. I apologised and said I wasn’t going that way. It was only later that I thought I should have offered to take them to the services on the M2 instead as it is still on the road to Dover and it wouldn’t have been a massive detour out of my way. (In the old days of company petrol I probably would have taken them to Dover!!) – I always fancied doing the charity hitch when I was at Uni but it would have meant missing all the tech work I used to do for Rag week (and of course the bands!). I once did a 55 mile sponsored night hike but ended up having to give up at 35 miles as my feet hurt so much and I was soaked the the skin as it had rained for most of the time!

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