2nd March

Today is our annual Grandad day in memory of my dad who died 3 years ago last Tuesday. When first anniversary came round we decided that a day at the seaside with fish and chips would be a suitable tribute to the times we spent with him. The first year we went to Whitstable but since then it’s been Brighton because obviously Becky is there.



It turned out to be quite a cold windy day so after the fish and chips in a seafront cafe we walked along the edge of the beach instead of going and throwing stones as we’d planned. Ben insisted we go out on Doughnut groyne so he could stick his head through the hole in the doughnut and after he had we headed for the pier. It was so much warmer inside the amusement arcade so we played on the penny ‘chines for a bit and Ben had two goes on the Deal or No Deal machine because he accidentally pressed deal on his first go!!!!!



Becky had promised Ben a go on the dolphin racing but that was at the end of the pier so we had to go right out there. I was wearing my new hat for the first time and I was having to hang onto it to stop it blowing into the sea! When we got there no one else was playing so it was Ben v Bex so we were always going to come away with a prize! Bex won (just!) but Ben walked away with the teddy!


The weather took a turn for the worse but thankfully not till after we got back to the house but it did make the drive home a little lively!

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