3rd March

What a great way to start the week – not one but two new Sproatly Smith releases. The first one came yesterday but before I could download it the new album appeared as well. The first release was free and was a collection of 3 different remixes of the song O! Death from their Minstrel’s Grave CD and it was free to download from bandcamp.

Sproatly cover

The other release is a new CD called Thomas Traherne and has been released as a limited edition (75) cassette! I bought it straight away as I knew it would sell out quite quickly. I have been quite dismissive of releasing albums as download only but I quite like this idea of releasing a album on vinyl or in this case cassette but giving you a digital download as part of the package. So with this one for £10 I get a cassette posted out to me and while I’m waiting I’ve downloaded the album as Flac files which I decoded and burned to CD to listen to in the car – making my own sleeve using the artwork included! I also downloaded it as MP3s as well so I can put it on my portable player as well!

The album is very different to the last one Time is n’ time was which had a very light pastoral feel to it whereas the new album has dark undertones running through it. Listen to it below or on the bandcamp page.

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