4th March

Oh my I’m wearing sunglasses to drive to work – what is that large yellow thing in the sky?

Crappy day ay work – being pulled from pillar to post – everyone wants their stuff doing right now and sod everyone else even if the other person has actually booked me for that time. I get really pissed off when I get stropped at because I can’t give someone the answer they want.

Sarah’s unhappy too – since Ofsted everything has been a bit crap at her school and it also seems to be the same at Ben’s school – he’s been kept in over break and lunch because his whiteboard went missing and made to do 20 lines and today he/they were threatened with detention because they didn’t finish their work in time. His school got put into special measures recently by Ofsted and I’m not going to be happy if this is their way of attempting to raise standards by beating the children in a “floggings will continue until morale improves” sort of way.

We really want to start a new life somewhere else – if only it was that easy!

Still it is pancake day so I’m making pancakes hopefully that’ll cheer everyone up. Ben gets the first one – I ask him what he wants on it and he can’t decide if he wants sugar and lemon or Golden syrup. He decides on the latter for the first one saying he’ll have sugar and lemon if he is allowed a second one. However after eating it he announces “If I’m allowed another one I don’t want it!”

Sarah has jam on hers, some nice jam we were given by the last lot of students, which obviously goes down well with the cats as Cookie nicks the last bit of her second pancake that sat on her plate! I’m not supposed to be allowed a pancake as today is one of my fasting days and I’ve already had my calorie limit but bollocks to that! I have mine with golden syrup (but I only have one!). While I’m eating it I muse on the fact that when I told my story about how my Grandad wouldn’t have his yorkshire pudding with his dinner preferring to eat it with sugar on afterwards most people pulled faces at the thought of eating a yorkshire pudding as a sweet. The same people who are now scoffing panckaes with sugar on top!


I was just getting good at tossing the things when I made the last couple.

Lissi has announced that she’s giving up McDonalds for Lent – I’ll believe it when I see it!

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