7th March

More filming for Coca Cola – this time at one of their bottling plants in Edmonton.


But first I have to get in and that involves a health and safety induction. I’m shown into a small room where I have to watch a video and very soon I realise that there’s going to be a test afterwards! So I sat down to do the test – it was multiple choice but the first two questions hadn’t actually featured in the video. I turned over the page and found more H&S information on the other side which helped answer some of the questions. However I didn’t answer 3 of them because none of the 3 answers were correct! I can’t believe no one has ever noticed this before but when I pointed it out they did highlight it and photocopy the sheet.

I was then given a jacket and a hat to wear plus the obligatory hi-viz jacket before finally being allowed into the factory. If I didn’t feel stupid enough I then had to put on a hair net, beard guard and ear plugs before eventually being allowed onto the factory floor!


It was really interesting watching the machinery taking a piece of plastic, moulding it into a bottle, filling it with coke and screwing the cap on. It then went off on a conveyor belt to have the label stuck on and be packed into a six pack and then placed onto a pallet.


Afterwards I had to go to Tesco’s head office to film an interview. It took me almost an hour to drive 10 miles. The office was much smaller than I expected. I got back in time to pick up Sarah from work.

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