10th March

Client in at work today – one of them flew down from Glasgow. I thought they’d be coming with some idea of what they wanted but they wanted to watch the footage from their conference and pick bits out. It was a two day conference and you’ve allowed half a day to review the footage? It’s not going to work now is it?

Also they’d decided to shoot a time lapse of the conference but our guys have set it up to take a picture every 15 seconds over 2 days so imagine how many images that came to! And it’s not that time lapsy anyway – bet I end up speeding it up!

There’s an awards ceremony at the end of the first day which I just no the client isn’t going to be happy about because of the way it was shot – I didn’t shoot it, nor did I brief the cameraman- so why do I feel guilty about what we’re able to do? Probably because I know where the flack will land!

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