12th March

A really enjoyable day working for Coca Cola – just for a change! I’m at their Uxbridge offices again filming and editing.  The only downside is the travelling which takes 3 hours to drive the 80 miles there and another 21/2 on the way back.


I listen to the whole of Yes’s Tales from Topographic Oceans on the way there. I bought a vinyl copy of it off eBay last night. I’ve got it on CD but really wanted the vinyl – not just because it’s a fantastic album but the Roger Dean cover is a work of art on it’s own. I used to have a copy, well my brother and I used to have a copy and as it was technically his he ended up with it when we split up our records. If I remember correctly we bought it in Comet back when they used to sell records upstairs in Sunderland – bet it cost us less than the £6.60 I paid for the second hand copy!

On the way back it’s the Wall by Pink Floyd.

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