13th March

I was struggling for something to say about today and at first the best I could come up with was that our French student was starting to annoy us. When he arrived on Sunday he told us that he would be leaving for work at 7am so we’ve been trying to work round that but he hasn’t actually left on time once. It was 7:10 on Monday having only come down for breakfast at 6:50. The following day it was about the same but yesterday he didn’t leave till 7:20. Last night he went out saying he was going to the cinema and would be back around nine and a half! It was nearer to eleven and a half when he did come in. This morning there was no sign of him until about 7:30 when we heard him going in the shower. He still hadn’t come down at 8:30 when we were due to leave so I went up. When I said his name he suddenly sat up from the bed looking rather rough. He said he was going to work so I asked him to make sure he locked the doors behind him! It’s going to be a long four weeks!

I rediscovered an album today by Michael Chapman – can’t remember how I got to looking for the song Dancing the pride of Erin but when I found it I remembered it was from the album The man who hated mornings by Michael Chapman. I hadn’t heard that album for years and although it wasn’t on Spotify it was, if you see what I mean, as part of a CD called originals which includes 3 complete albums including The man who hated mornings. I gave it a listen and remember what a fine album it was – I also had a look to see if I could find a copy and there were a few for sale but the cheaper ones were from Europe and it was something like 2.50 euros for the album and 7 euros for the postage!

Footnote: I succumbed the next day and bought it for 9.50 euro which is about £8!

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