14th March

Very bitty day at work doing odds and ends of jobs including a five minute job that took 2 hours! Lots of rendering so lots of time for other things.

As I said I’d dug out Pink Floyd’s The Wall the other day so I got to thinking about that. I went to see them perform it at the original run of shows at Earls Court back in 1980, we didn’t have great seats so the band were distant ships, smoke on the horizon but from where we were sitting we could take in the huge magnificence of what was probably the biggest theatrical rock show of the time. If you think about it for a band of Floyd’s status to say “we’re doing a show where all we’re going to play is our new album” could have been asking for trouble – other bands or artists I’ve seen do this usually resort to doing a few greatest hits as an encore but not the floyd! So just The Wall, no Animals, No Wish, No Dark Side! And it was brilliant!

So I remembered that ages ago I found out that a video of the shows had been recorded but never released – I’d managed to get hold of a bootleg copy but hadn’t watched it. I got to wondering if it might be on youtube and found it albeit with Italian subtitles.

So ya
Thought ya
Might like to go to the show.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion
That space cadet glow

This was the only time I saw the Floyd with all four members –  I would see them again without Waters at Wembley Stadium and would see Waters at Glastonbury but watching the videos (well the first two which was all I had time for) something struck me (apart from how young Waters and Gilmore looked!). I was amazed how different to the album it sounded. The other two times I heard Floyd songs played live they were very faithful to the originals but listening to the 1980 performance I heard subtle differences particularly in the instrumental section at the end of Another Brick in the Wall Part 2. There seemed to be a jazzier feel to it rather than the hard edged rock of the album version. I decided to burn the live version from Is there anybody out there? onto CD to listen to in the car.

So I set off home and put the CD into the player after PM on Radio 4 finished – frustratingly the disc jumped for most of the first 5 songs, this bloody CD player is getting on my nerves. We had to glue it last year when the front broke off it – I’m guessing that it’s on it’s last legs. I’ve been considering buying a new one for age – maybe the time has come!

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