16th March

Back to Halfords this morning to pick up those clips armed with the product number this time! I look on the shelves again but to no avail and while I’m standing there one of the assistants comes along. He looks but can’t find them either so we go to his computer and he checks, then back to the shelves and eventually he finds them behind another design of trim clips! Yesterday when I was looking I saw a sign saying from £1.99 above the windscreen wipers and I know I need a new rear one so I go over there next. I look along the racks and the cheapest I can see is about £9! I’m standingthere thinking where’s these ones for £1.99 when I spot the sign says fitting from…..

So I pay for the clips and leave. I leave the car in Halfords car park and nip along to Wilkinsons where I buy a windscreen wiper blade for £2! Anyway when I’m fitting the blade it takes about 15 seconds so it gets me to wondering how much Halfords charge by the hour!

Windscreen wiper fitter:

15 seconds + £2 so that’s £8 per minute which equates to a whopping £480 per hour!

Car stereo fitter:

7 minutes = £30 which equates to (by comparison) a meagre £257 an hour!

After driving home and wrestling the trim back onto the side of the car door the rest of the day is spent sorting out Ben’s room. It’s a complete disaster area with tons of old or broken toys on, under and around his bed. We end up throwing away 3 black bin bags of rubbish out of his room and find quite a few things that didn’t actually belong to him like a box of staples that were his sister’s! Under his bed we find lots of rubbish and curiously what looks like a pile of plaster of paris in the corner! At first I thought that his wall was crumbling but then we remembered the plaster mould set someone gave him!

The reason we are tidying is that we have a couple of French students staying there and as the attic already has a French student in it we’re having to put them in Ben’s room! They arrive at about 6:30 and they’re called Oscar and Victor! Shortly after presenting us with gifts of chocolate and chicken rillette (a kind of pate and a new one on us present wise) one of them announces that he is not very well. A few minutes later he presents Sarah with his mobile phone and suddenly she is having facetime® with his mum in France! Apparently he has a fever and has been given antibiotics and would like to go to bed as soon as he has eaten. We explain that the food is almost ready so that’ll be fine.

We serve up the spag bog we’ve prepared and after they’ve eaten they go off to bed. About 10 minutes later the other one comes downstairs and tells us that he has been sick………in the wastepaper basket!! Luckily for us it was one that had a bin liner in it so it was easy to empty down the toilet – as I went to do so I found an unflushed poo grinning at me – oh the glamour!!

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