17th March

Don’t get me wrong I do like the French but sone of them can be so infuriating! Especially when it comes to time keeping. One of the students we currently have staying with us, the one who was sick in the bin last night, is driving me crazy already. I told them this morning that we had to leave in 20 minutes so what happens. ….he finally comes downstairs 20 minutes after that.  So I say to him “do you want breakfast because we really need to go” no was the reply.  So I go into the kitchen to get him a glass of water so he can take his medicine and when I return he’s eating a bowl of dry cereal!

Then he opens the other box and has some more!

Eventually after much cajoling he goes upstairs to get his things but again he is taking his time about it much to the embarrassment of the other student. Eventually we set off 25 minutes late meaning I don’t have time to come back and give Sarah a lift to Ben’s school.

In the afternoon Sarah picks Ben up from school and when he comes out he is holding his arm and looks in pain. Apparently he has fallen over at lunchtime and landed badly on his hand. He was given first aid but he says that he’d told his teacher about it hurting twice but she had just told him to get on with his work. Sarah’s not happy and says she’s going to take him to casualty to get it checked.

So I have to leave work early to pick up the students who are scheduled to be back between 6 and 6:30. Needless to say they don’t turn up till 7 and by the time I’ve waited for the aforementioned student who is literally the last one to get off the bus and then having to sit in a traffic jam to get through the lights I’m absolutely bursting. So imagine how bad I was by the time I had driven back and been stuck at the level crossing for ten minutes!

Thankfully they think Ben has only badly sprained his arm so he needs calpol and to rest his arm (no PE!) – oh and a happy meal too!

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