18th March

This morning by the time I had got up showered and shaved, did the student’s breakfast and packed lunch, our lunches, chased the students to be ready on time (they weren’t) driven them to the coach (which looked as if it was about to leave without them!)and driven back to get Sarah, Ben and the guinea pigs – I’m actually shattered already and I’m only locking the front door to go to work!

At work today I set ta camera in my room to do a test record of a time lapse for a job tomorrow. I leave it running for about an hour and get about 9 seconds of video. When I play it back I’m amazed to see how often I stroked my beard during that time!

Also my copy of Tales from Topographic Oceans had arrived as has my limited edition cassette copy of the new Sproatly Smith release. However like a complete idiot I manage to leave them at work at the end of the day!


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