19th March

On site all day at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane for the Fleet News awards. I’m filming and editing a video to be shown at the end of the night. The first element of which is the time lapse I mentioned yesterday so I get there at 10:30 after having just missed an earlier train due to one of Ben’s teeth falling out!



It was a massive event – 1560 people, a huge wide screen. Kate Silverton was the presenter ans a lot more pregnant than the last time I worked with her! In fact she ended up missing the second half of the show as she was taken ill and left in an ambulance! Judith Chalmers was there to speak for the charity and the cabaret was Jimmy Carr although I only got to listen to most of his half hour set as I was frantically editing behind the set! And of course no big awards ceremony would be complete without Alan Dedicote – the voice of the balls!



I think though that the night will be memorable for something else – probably the worst crew meal we’ve ever had. I’m not sure what it was, it was pretending to be Shepherd’s Pie but what the meat in it was was subject of much speculation! I suggested that it was probably what was left over from the last 3 crew meals all mixed together! This place really does treat the crew with disdain – even locking almost all the toilets lest we soil them with our presence! I dread to think how much the client had to pay for the pile of slop they served up!


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