20th March


My other two vinyl purchases were waiting on my desk for me when I got in.  I was a tad disappointed to find that the Led Zeppelin one didn’t have the inside cover with the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven on it but I guess it’s the album that counts.  Anyway I hear a new version is about to be released on vinyl so this’ll keep me happy till then. I also had a shock when I opened the other package and pulled out a cover for a Smurfs record! Thankfully it turned out to be just part of the packaging and the real album was underneath!

Ben has broken his arm! The school rang to say he’d been complaining about the pain again but by the time Sarah got the message he was already in singing club so Sarah waited for him to finish but when she saw his arm she took him straight to casualty. The nurse who saw him this time said she suspected that it might be broken so she sent them off for a x-ray. Sarah said the nurse then came out and announced in a big voice – I was right! It is broken! So Ban has a back slab on it at the moment and we have to make an appointment in 2 days time to get the full cast on. This means he will have it on when we go on holiday – it’s like my youngest daughter Rhianna all over again!

The school and the NHS haven’t come out of all this looking very good at all! This could have all been sorted on Monday afternoon if the school had believed him and the hospital sent him for an x-ray. This is what it’s like nowadays – a shambles.

Today was one of those days I was surprised to get through without punching someone! Is it national annoy bloke day or something?

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