23rd March

An ulterior motive for yesterday’s decision to tidy the utility room was to to be able to get the breadmaker out again! It’d been festering in the utility room for a couple of years and last year I’d bought some flour at the watermill on the Isle of Wight and I wanted to make some bread with it! I’d checked I had all of the ingredients and the only thing I was missing was milk powder which I bought last night when I had to go to Aldi to buy a few bits. So just before cooking breakfast this morning I set the breadmaker going.

As it was difficult yesterday for both of us to fit into the utility room I sorted some of the crap out in the kitchen! Again an ulterior motive was that i wanted to use my espresso maker again. It too had been sitting unused in a corner almost since we moved in so I cleared all the crap off it and gave it a good clean. I’d also got some coffee at Aldi yesterday so I made myself coffee to go with the sausage and egg rolls that we had for breakfast!

The bread turned out ok – which was lucky considering I’d forgotten to put the sugar in it! I think I may have put a bit too much salt in as well but I’ll make some more and try and get it right this time!

Another good thing today was that I had a nother good with my open razor and this time I managed to get it right and managed to shave both of my cheeks without cutting myself. I decided to quit while I was a head and shaved my neck using my old razor – think I’ll get a little more practise with it before attempting the tricky bits! I trimmed my beard and moustache as well. I felt I needed to take a small step back to move forward. I still think I’ll lose the bits either side of the long bit of my beard – but I’ll do it just before we go on holiday so that I’ve got time to get used to it before I have to go back to work!

I also managed to get a chance to listen to the new vinyl LPs I bought which all seem to be in good condition considering they are all over 30 years old! A few crackles here and there but nothing too drastic.

The weather is  a bit odd today – we went down to the high street and to Aldi and when we got out of the car it started hail-stoning which was a bit bad as I was wearing shorts!

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