24th March


A good start to the week when the two  Hare &the Moon CDs I’d ordered from Reverb Worship arrived at work. They both look really cool and are in these really cool cases which weren’t as big as I was expecting.

However my happiness was short lived as I phoned up the solicitors who are dealing with my Dad’s estate.  To cut a long story short it turns out that the probate form I’d been lead to believe had been sent to the court at the end of January had actually only gone in last week.  Apparently the form from the inland revenue had come back incorrectly addressed and had taken 6 weeks to correct. They didn’t say who had caused the delay but as they then admitted that it was almost another 2 weeks before the corrected form had been sent to the court I can probably guess. Furious doesn’t even cover it. I sent my brother a snotty text – no wonder he’s been ignoring my texts – so pissed off that nobody even told me about the delay.

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