25th March

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s pissing off by way of the news about the Probate came another blow today! Must be piss Bloke off week! The head e-mailed me to suggest that I stand down as Chair of Governors due to my lack of availability at the moment. I have to confess that it is something I’ve been forced to consider recently as I just don’t seem to have the time – if I’d gone to every meeting and training session I’d been asked to attend this year alone then I would already have to have used up 20% of my annual holiday entitlement. As things stand at the moment I’m busy every single day until I go away on holiday on the 11th April so I couldn’t go to any meetings even if I wanted to.

And I’ve managed to double book myself on the 10th – the day before I go away. One of the Project Managers asked me to do a job ages ago (possibly before Christmas) and I said it should be ok. I didn’t hear any more from him until today and it’s on the 10th and I’m not sure how I can broach the subject of being too busy to do it – oh bollocks I’m going to need this holiday.

Ben’s parents evening tonight – teacher said some nice things about him – sure the deputy head told her to be extra nice to us. I did spot a mistake on the name tag on top of Ben’s book tray where they’d spelt our name wrong. So I took out my pen, unfortunately I didn’t have a red one, and crossed out the wrong letter, corrected it underneath and wrote SP above it!

Sarah’s not best pleased with the school’s plans to change the school hours – basically they want to start 10 minutes earlier and finish 10 minutes later – which on it’s own would be ok. However they then plan to close after lunch on a Friday which we don’t like. I’m sure that this would mean they would spend less time at school (Uncle Michael won’t like that) and in the absence of an explanation as to why I can only assume they want to have a p.o.e.t.s. day every week! I reckon the Executive Head (ooh la-di-dah!) has a caravan in the west country and wants to beat the traffic down the 303 of a Friday night!

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