27th March

Another job in Uxbridge, another 3 hour journey round the M25. It’s such a slow painful journey alternating between periods of fluid motion and slow grinding traffic jams. I had to leave at 6am and when I came out there was ice on the windscreen of the car. The journey also alternated between headlights driving through the fog and sunglasses as I emerged into bright sunlight. I arrived at Coca Cola with about 5 minutes to spare, grabbed my camera out of the car and then sat for 20 minutes in reception!

I only had to film a couple of interviews and a bit of filler so even after transferring the data onto the mac and watching it back I was still out of there before noon. I did think about going back to the office but thought better of it.  By the time I took travel time back into consideration I’d have still effectively done a full day. I stopped off at the services to get lunch. As today was a fasting day I was torn between getting a gut bucket expenses lunch and something that kept within the 300 calories range. I eventually decided on the latter having found some nice stuff in M&S that came in at 330 calories – I was quite pleased with myself!


It was Ben’s choir concert in the evening at the theatre in Chatham. He’d been down for a rehearsal in the afternoon and I was back in time to pick him up from school. We headed off around quarter past six and left him with his school mates outside Poundland while we went to find seats. As soon as they directed us up the stairs I started to remember having been to these concerts before with my eldest daughter around 15 years ago so it was quite a surprise when it turned out to be the same conductor and pianist after all these years. I’m pretty sure that they were even wearing the same suits! Ben seemed to be enjoying the concert as he was bouncing up and down as he sang although we could also tell he was tired as he would twiddle his hair between songs!

Afterwards we ended up having a kebab thus completely undoing the good I did at lunchtime!

Oh and I accidentally put a hole in one of the cats! Louie had huge lumps of matted fur hanging off him so I tried to cut as much of it off him as I could. I don’t know if I cut him with the scissors or whether he pulled away but either way he ended up with a hole in his skin – seems ok though!

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