29th March

Today was one of those days that just seemed to evaporate and we didn’t get any of the things we planned to do done. We were in the process of getting ready when we heard one of the cats making a strange noise outside. I looked out of the window and there was Rajah with this huge frog dangling from his mouth! It was so huge the feet were trailing along the decking! I think it may have been an early mothers day present for Sarah – I tried to explain to him that she’d prefer chocolates but I’m not sure he got it. Either way the frog disappeared and I was dispatched to see if it was lurking in the garden but it didn’t appear to be!

We went up the high street early afternoon to buy mothers day presents for Sarah and her mum.  Ben didn’t seem interested at first but he soon got into it picking out some chocolate and a card. We went to get some flowers and he picked some red tulips – I then said he could pick another bunch and he pointed to some white ones and said those ones, then added specifically those ones!

There were a couple of blokes busking down the high street – one playing the guitar, the other the banjo. I’ve seen them both before busking down there but this is the first time I’ve seen them together. It’s good to see that lack of talent or ability stops them from going out and busking nor does the fact that neither of them can play anything vaguely recognisable as an actual tune! At least earlier when I had been sitting in the garden in the sunshine playing my mandolin I was playing something that was recognisable as tunes!

I also decided to do the changes to my beard that I’d been planning to do in a couple of weeks before I went away. I’m out of the office all next week so thought what the heck! I trimmed the bits just below my moustache and either side of the beard before completing the job with my razor.  It ended up slightly lopsided but I figured I’d sort that out tomorrow. There’s a couple of bits of my face are now on view that haven’t seen daylight since about 1984!


I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a shaving obsession which is an odd thing for someone who has a beard to have! I’m really enjoying using the open razor it gives a nice close shave and I’ve also noticed that when it grows back it’s not as spikey as it is with my old razor.

We went to Tesco in the evening and it was funny to see the number of men dashing round the store with their mobile stuck to one ear and a bunch of flowers in their hands. I reckoned they’d been watching Ant & Dec on TV when they’d mentioned that it was mothers day and dashed off to get something from the only place still open!

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