30th April

So this morning after dropping the students off I dash over to the Doctor’s surgery to pick up a prescription for me and Sarah. However as I turn into the road I realise I’m stuck behind the recycling lorry slowly making its way down the street. So as soon as I can I find a space and park up and continue the journey on foot. When I get there my prescription is there but Sarah’s isn’t – the receptionist tells me it mustn’t be ready yet but I point out that it should be as they were both submitted at the same time.

“Maybe there’s a query” she says and looks through the pile of prescriptions on the desk, twice! So then she goes into the system but after initially mistaking a prescription issued in January for the current one she admits that it hasn’t been raised. She then checks the data coming in from the online ordering system and sure enough Sarah’s is there which means that for some reason it hasn’t been done.

“Can you come back later, around 12:30 it’ll be ready for you then” she asks but I point out that this isn’t possible as we do this thing called work. Well can you come back another day – again I point out that as they are only open 3 mornings a week it’s difficult to actually find a time which is convenient to pop in. Eventually we agree that she’ll fax it (how quaint) to a pharmacy of our choice and apologises once again. I point out that this isn’t an isolated incident and it’s everytime we have dealings with them.

I’m running very late by this point so I have to dash back and pick up Sarah and Ben who is ten minutes late for school already. We set off in the car and just as we’re approaching the school we get stuck behind another rubbish lorry. This whole weekly collection of recycling that Medway introduced a few months ago means that there are now 3 different lorries coming to your house every week and the increased number of them is causing even more havoc in the rush hour – especially as they always seem to do the main roads and areas around schools at the worst possible time!

29th April

I had to shoot my boss today!

He had been asked to make a short video for the leaving celebrations of one of his clients – he’d been working with her for almost 20 years. So we found a nice space at the top of the stairs and set the camera up there. I have to say it felt really odd doing this in our own offices – now there’s a contradiction feeling odd doing your job at your place of work! It’s odd though as although I do this regularly it’s usually at someone else’s office or at a venue not back here in front of my colleagues where setting up a camera, wearing headphones and waving a rifle microphone around suddenly seems like odd behaviour!

And talking of odd behaviour!

One of the people who put in an offer on our house, actually the lowest bid, turned up on our doorstep today and offered an additional £11,000 plus offered to pay our legal fees! This would have taken the sale price to £176,000 but we’d already said yes to the other people and we weren’t about to start going back on our word. Besides which if she could do that I suspect she would have found any reason at all to try and knock the price back down again during the sales process especially given that she told me at the open house that she couldn’t afford £170,000.


28th April


Up really early to go to Milton Keynes for a Coca Cola job which is being held in a marquee outside the factory I’m filmed at a few weeks ago. I realise that I have no cash so stop off at the cashpoint to get some – struggling as it doesn’t make it obvious that it only has £20 notes in it and I’m trying to get out £10! Eventually it twigs and I get my cash. Ironically I then get to the Dartford Crossing before the fee kicks in!

While I’m up on site Sarah keeps me informed about the house situation! We end up with 5, yes 5! offers! One at £165 and two at £171 as well as the one for £170 and £174 we’ve already had! Plus she finds a really cool house which is just slightly higher than we were hoping to pay but as it’s already been reduced down from £80,000 to £72,000 it might just be ok. The house has a huge garden with sheds, summerhouse plus a greenhouse and a workshop – sounds ideal!

We had some more students arrive tonight – these are slightly older but again quite good English! They gave us chocolate too!

As if to emphasise one of the reason for the move – just as we are feeling good about accepting the offer a group of lads walk past and one of them thumps the For Sale sign breaking it – be glad when we are out of here I can tell you!

27th April

As yesterday was so manic Sarah and I seem to spend most of the day with our laptops looking at houses to buy! We’ve decided to go up this weekend instead of waiting for the end of the month as planned due to the two offers that we got yesterday especially as the people would appear to be ready to move as soon as they can! I phone up my step mum and asked if we can come up but don’t tell her why yet – probably best to do that face to face. Most of the agents are shut but we put together a short list ready for Sarah to phone tomorrow!

26th April

Today is the day of our “Open House” viewing but first we’re dashing around trying to get ready for a viewer at 10am. I end up cutting my hand when I was dashing to shave and it was pouring with blood as I tried to wash the soap off my face and put everything away! Ironically it turned out not to be as late as I thought it was and even more ironically the viewer didn’t turn up! We rang the Estate agent and apparently there never was anyone coming which is odd as we both remember them saying there was while we were away!

Anyway it gives us time to chill out and have a final tidy up. And the good news is that the man yesterday has made an offer for £170,000 which was good but as we’d asked for offers in excess of £170,000 it was a bit disappointing (well only a bit!). The actual open house was a bit mad as we had about 6 couples turn up. Two of them had seen the house before – one while we were away and the other couple had seen it on Tuesday and we’d been told by the Estate Agent that they’d said they weren’t interested but here they were again! Just after the Estate left at 3pm another couple turned up and we showed them around.

At about 5pm we rand the Agents to give them the details of the couple who arrived late and we were told the couple who’d been on Tuesday and again today had made an offer of £174,000 – yes! So now we had two offers!

In the evening we went over to Sarah’s brother’s flat to have a meal with Sarah’s family as it was her mum’s birthday! So we got back quite late and fell into bed absolutely exhausted!

25th April


The lovely students went home this morning – it’s been a long time since we had such nice girls staying with us and to be honest I was quite sad to see them go! I even got a bit sniffley as I drove off and it is a long time since that happened!

We had another viewer tonight who came round to look at the house and ended up staying for almost an hour! He seemed very keen and has said that he will ring the Estate Agent to make an offer in the morning!

Oooh Scary!

23rd April

What a nice dossy day today was – I had to go to Uxbridge but just for once I didn’t have to take a camera or indeed drive there and what’s more I didn’t have to be there till 1:30! So I spend the morning at home before going off with a nice packed lunch which included sandwiches made with the last of the gammon from the other day to eat on the train!

I’m a few minutes late but due to a communication breakdown end up being apologised to! We set up in one of their meeting rooms but there’s a colour missing from the projector and the sound doesn’t work. We get the video finished and I’m back on the train home by 4:50!

While I’m sitting with the client I check my e-mails and I’ve got one from the people organising the Spencer Tunick event in Folkstone next month – I don’t even have to open because I can see the first few words…..you have been chosen! Oops – I think I’m more nervous about telling Sarah than actually doing it!

The students have got questionnaires to fill in for their school and they’re asking questions like how many kids, names, pets etc. It’s all good fun!

22nd April

First day back at work after our holidays and by 11 o’clock I’ve completely forgotten I’d been away. One of the last things I did before I left was send an e-mail to a colleague asking them to hire in an edit machine for tomorrow but they’ve forgotten and guess what – they’re not in today. So I have to ring up the hire company and organise it but our insurance has expired so I have to find the insurance documents to send over but they’re not good enough they want the name of the broker – it’s on top of the document I send you! Then the broker won’t speak to them without our permission……and all the while our poor driver is sat outside waiting.

We have some French students arriving tonight so I have to go and pick them up but while I’m driving home from work I get a call to say that they’re already there so I have to go straight to get them – poor souls were almost the last to be collected! They seem nice got good English and have given us loads of French sweets as a gift – including one packet that was made by the father of one of the girls – which are jellys and some sort of alcoholic sweets! Shame I can’t eat them today as it’s a fasting day!

21st April

Much nicer day today – sun is out!


We’re back to tidying the house and last night Lissi left a huge mound of rubbish just inside the front door so when I’m up I take it and a load of stuff out of the shed down to the dump. I go nice and early but unfortunately everyone else seems to have the same idea so I still have to queue.

When I’m back I take some of the stuff that had accumulated in the shed up to the garage. I collected a load of cine stuff a few years back but the cost of cine film recently went through the roof so I decided that I’d store it until I can actually afford to do something with it! I also took 3 flat screen monitors and a PC which had been taking up space. On the way back Sarah wanted me to get a match pot of paint to cover the water mark on the dining room ceiling from where we had a leaking pipe a few years ago. I thought it would be easier to go to B&Q but I forgot it was bank holiday and it was heaving. So after I struggled to find a parking space I went in and they didn’t have the one I wanted! I had a look at the plants but decided not to buy any!

In the afternoon we tried to clean up the decking. Sarah had an idea to soak it with vinegar and the scrub it with warm soapy water. Unfortunately one bottle of vinegar didn’t go very far so we had to dispatch Lissi to Aldi to buy some more. It seemed to work but the weather was closing in so the last bit was done in a hurry.

Back to work tomorrow – sniff!