2nd April

Pretty much the same as yesterday really! Took the students in the morning, dropped Ben at school,  dropped Sarah at school, went back to the house, dropped off car and had coffee before catching train to London and another day editing at Central Hall.

I did finish a bit earlier today and headed off to the station. On the way there I passed one of those upmarket fast food places who were selling off their stuff for half price so I bought some sushi and teriyaki for £4 and then in M&S at the station picked up a G&T and a bottle of wine to go with it. I had a nice picnic on the 20:22 from Victoria!

When I got back Sarah was up to her eyes in learning journey books from school doing assessments for the kids in the nursery unit. It’s a bit bad when she has to do this unpaid at home – wouldn’t be so bad on a teacher’s salary but a TA gets paid substantially less. We were up till 1am and it’ll be the same tomorrow and she has an OU deadline tomorrow.

We have a new lodger! His name is John – there used to be an Edward but he died. I say he but he is really a hermaphrodite! He’s a giant African land snail and he’s come to stay while his owner is teaching in Thailand for 6 months!

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