3rd April

Another day at Central Hall – pretty much the same as yesterday except that each day is getting easier as I’m getting into a groove! I even actually get ahead of myself in the afternoon. I’m finished by the same time as yesterday and I’m just packing up when a security guard suddenly appears at the door.

“Who are you?” He demands

“I’m from the AV company”

“You’re not supposed to be here”

“I think you’ll find I am”

“It says on my sheet you’re supposed to be finished by 7”

“Well then your sheet is wrong, I can hardly tell the client that I can’t finish his work because your sheet says I have to be out of here by 7!”

And so it goes on….

Why do these people have to be so rude and such jobsworths?

I leave in a foul mood which isn’t helped by Itsu not having the half price sale like yesterday. Still I got something from M&S instead but had to run to catch the train which I did with seconds to spare!

Sarah was doing her OU assignment when I got in so I was told not to talk to her and just make tea periodically! So I decided it was safer to go out to the shed! I listened to some records (with the new stylus) and played a bit of mandolin and guitar. Sarah submitted her assignment at 11:59 after which it was safe to go back inside!!!!

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