4th April

So today was meant to be the easy day this week! All I had to do was go up to London, copy all the finished videos onto a hard drive, give it to the client and pack everything away.

So I get there and notice that oddly one of the computers is still exporting which is odd given that it was the first one I set off and it had the least files to export. All the rest seemed to have finished so I thought I’d just have to wait for it. I started to copy the files from computer 2 then 3 and 4. When I got to computer 5 I couldn’t find the files so my first thought was where have I put them so I went to check queue and that’s when I realised that they hadn’t exported. My heart sank – it would take around 9 hours to do them so I had to think of something!

I was absolutely positive I’d set them all running but then I remembered my run in with the security guard which probably distracted me from having one last check before I left. I kicked myself for letting myself get dragged into the argument.

So I had to tell the client about the problem but he was ok as he said he was taking Monday off so nothing would happen to the files till Tuesday. I told him I’d get the drive to him on Tuesday morning and he said ok. So that meant me taking the computer and two of the drives home with me!

Got back in time to pick Ben up from school before whizzing down the hill to pick Sarah up. Back at the house we had a nap before setting about tidying up the house ready for the estate agent coming round to take pictures tomorrow.

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